Zoomy Marketplace for Real Business

A revolutionary platform for online trading using DeFi, VR, AR, P2P technologies.
The use of blockchain technology breaks the barriers between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite potential !
You have a unique opportunity to become an investor in the ICO of our company and increase your investment several times. The largest investors will be on the company's Board of Directors.

Zoomy Marketplace
END ICO 31.03.2021

10000 ZMY + 5000 ZMY BONUS + AIRDROP
UNISWAP LISTING (April 1, 2021) PRICE: 1 ZMY=1$
1 ZMY=0,15$
Profit- 660 %

• Airdrop is limited with 3000 users
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• FOLLOW Telegram: https://t.me/zoomydefi

• At the end of the ICO, you will receive ZMY tokens to your Ethereum wallet.
• 1-2 quarter 2021 ZMY token listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance,Huobi,Uniswap)

Zoomy Marketplace combines all the necessary tools to start trading and promote products to the markets of other countries. This is useful not only for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups but also for offline stores. An easy-to-use platform allows creating and managing an online store without additional costs and staff involvement.

Zoomy AR

You are shopping for furniture and you just found a piece you absolutely love. Then the agonizing sets in. Will it? or won’t it? Fit into your space? And even if it does fit will it look good next to that side table you bought last Christmas? That’s where augmented reality shopping apps can make a difference. They let you see what a piece of merchandise looks like in your home before you buy it or if you want to buy a new pair of eyeglasses they can show you what the glasses look like on you without a trip to the store.


Zoomy Marketplace

Zoomy Marketplace is a revolutionary trading platform for buyers and sellers from all over the world. By means of an easy-to-use online store builder, any seller can create its own showcase to sell its goods for cryptocurrency, while using a wide range of platform functions for a minimal fee.


P2P lending
The ability to receive loans from other participants in the system. Loans to buyers for the purchase of goods.
💻🧾In the near future (April 2021), we will launch our own P2P platform where you can buy and sell Zoomy tokens. 💰You will be able to send your tokens to mining pools and receive an income of up to 45 % per annum.💶

    Our tools allow sellers to:

    • Automatic eBay, Amazon, and Shopify inventory import /sinc.
    • Automatically import goods into Google shopping (which will attract a lot of traffic).
    • Accept payments from buyers in 10 cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
    • Receive loans for business development using P2P lending and DeFi technologies.
    • Use AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies.
    • Use the Zoomy payment system for enabling secure transactions.

    Increase in the cost of Zoomy token during the ICO period. ($ usd)




    The use of DeFi technology allows sellers to obtain credit for business development.
    The unique ZM DeFi technology, developed by our company, makes it possible to receive financing at low interest rates.

    Virtual Reality

    The use of VR (virtual reality) will revolutionize the e-commerce market and will allow buyers to see the store and goods in 3D.

    Payments with cryptocurrencies and fiat money

    Zoomy Payment technology will allow paying with cryptocurrencies (including Zoomy token) and fiat money.Meanwhile,the security of the transaction is guaranteed.

    Google Shopping

    Automatic import of goods into Google Shopping will attract a large number of buyers and start selling from the first day of the store opening.

    Zoomy Marketplace

    This is a trading platform with the possibility of creating an own store where you can accept the cryptocurrency and use AR and VR technologies to visualize goods.

    P2P lending

    The ability to receive loans from other participants in the system. Loans to buyers for the purchase of goods.


    Huge and Diverse Market

    Global e-commerce turnover

    4 trillion

    Number of customers

    2 billion

    Cryptocurrency market capitalization

    570 billion


    Road Map

    2-4 quarter 2019
    Start development of Zoomy marketplace. Project Design of trading platform. Market analysis and analysis of customer and business needs.
    1st quarter 2020
    Launch of a test version of trading platform with the Zoomy Payment system. Implementation of blockchain technology on the trading platform. Testing of seller administrative dashboard. Acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency. Internal currency exchange system and multi-currency digital wallet.
    2nd quarter 2020
    Implementation of Augmented reality technology on the platform. DeFi credit system development.
    3rd quarter 2020
    Testing Virtual Reality technology on the platform. Launch of the first VR store.
    4th quarter 2020
    Token pre-sale. Creating the Zoomy community. Attracting major sellers from Amazon and Ebay marketplaces. Development of ZMY Smart Contract based on ERC-20. Distribution of ZMY tokens to the first investors. Establishment of a board of directors from investors.
    1-2 quarter 2021
    Launch of Zoomy marketplace with DeFi, AR technologies. Launch of a marketing campaign to attract sellers and buyers. Launch of a large-scale token sale marketing campaign. Distribution of ZMY tokens among all investors.
    2nd quarter 2021
    ZMY token listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Launch of a large-scale advertising campaign to attract buyers. Launch and testing of VR technologies and P2p lending. Launch of mobile applications.
    3-4 quarter 2021
    Full implementation of VR and AR technologies. Creating a service for developing VR showcases for sellers. Localization into additional languages.

    Zoomy Marketplace App



    How to buy Zoomy marketplace tokens

    You need to sign in

    • Go to the investor's personal account.
    • Sign in.
    • Confirm your e-mail address.


    Buying a token

    You can buy tokens for cryptocurrency:

    Getting a ZMY token

    • Within 6 hours, tokens will appear on the Account in the investor's personal account.
    • Invite friends via the affiliate program and earn 10%.

    Distribution of ZMY tokens

    • At the end of the ICO, you will receive ZMY tokens to your Ethereum wallet.
    • The largest ICO investors will be on the company's Board of Directors.


    Token Distribution

    65%Distributed to community

    15%Team & Advisors



    • Name:Ethereum ERC20
    • Purchase methods accepted:BTC, ETH, LTC
    Hard cap20 000 000 usd
    Soft cap5 000 000 usd
    Cost of 1 ZMY Token0.02 usd
    • New Token emissions:Unavailable
    • Bonus system:Yes
    • Pre-Sale:Yes
    • Know Your Customer (KYC):Yes
    • Min/Max Personal Cap: No limit
    • Whitelist:Yes

    Zoomy Marketplace



    Ronan Parker

    Ronan Parker. Marketing & Financial Advisor
    The member of Alibaba family. Ronan has served in leadership roles in the US and China in both Venture Capital and technology companies. Ronan focuses on seed and early stage investments in AI, e-commerce, financial services and mobile sectors.

    Igor Bordukov

    Stanley Jenkins. Lead Developer of Zoomy Marketplace




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